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It's been a while


Patent skirt from  MOSS COPENHAGEN ; Shirt from  Uniqlo

Patent skirt from MOSS COPENHAGEN; Shirt from Uniqlo

So I'm guessing you totally forgot about me and my blog right?! I totally did. Or well, I didn't forget, but I just didn't feel like writing anymore. I even thought about quitting entirely. I haven't been feeling that great and inspired lately. So I just behaved like an ostrich... head in the sand and ignore everything around it and especially ignore my own feelings. But I guess here I am again, for now ;)

So just a little update. I do love to write, to create and take photos, but lately I was having a hard time to find my thing again. And I know this isn't the first time I shared this with you, but somehow I just can't find my way out of this circle of feeling uninspired, down and not knowing what I want from life to feeling I've figured it out and this time I'll definitely get shit done. And that indeed works for a while, but then there is this voice in my head again, telling me I'm a failure and who am I to pursue this and that, while there are so many other people out there who can do it better. And I'm so done with this feeling. I mean, I'm almost 30 years old, now will probably a good time to say farewell to all the insecurities right?!

And it's not that I don't know what to do, in theory I know it all and I can give the best advise, but in the end you have to practice what you preach, and that my lovelies, is where it goes wrong. I just crawl back into my shell, stay at home, don't meet any people en thus feel like I can't create, because of course I'm not getting inspired... You see, circle? But I slowly started to make some changes, into my work and my work schedule, into me dressing up again (this is also a lot easier now it's not -30 anymore) and we also moved into a new apartment, which I really love. There is a lot of light in the living room and the garden room (yes we have a garden now), so I enjoy waking up here. 

But it's time to take it to the next level and actually start doing something with all the ideas I have in my head. I started with writing my ideas and some thoughts down on paper, I've created to-do lists and I've set mini goals. So I'm getting there. And I just have to deal with the fact that the voice will turn up again, but I just need to not let it consume me. 

As I mentioned before, this is not the first time I'm sharing these kind of things, and although it feels I'm just stuck and talking about the same thing over and over again, I have to admit I'm not. I might not have figured it out entirely, but I'm getting closer. All these other times have helped me grow and are helping me to really fight for figuring this out. 

Also one thing that I'm doing more lately, besides forever styling my interior differently and taking photos of it, is cooking and baking. I just love to create things and then take photos of it. So to not leave with all the heavy stuff, I will share this recipe for a quick and easy but uplifting lunch with you that I made the other day. I got this recipe from Jessica Merchant from The Feed Feed and it was just too delicious not to share. So here it is:

Blood orange, ricotta & honey toast. 
What you'll need:
- 2 slices (or more, depending on how hungry you are) bread of choice
- 1 cup of ricotta
- 2 blood oranges, peeled and the middle removed. 
- honey

So it's really easy, just toast the bread, put the ricotta on top of it (you can season it with a bit of salt and pepper), then put the sliced blood oranges on top of that and drizzle some honey over it. And it's done! 


So I do hope you'll kind of stick with me and that you might even share your story. Also I do hope you'll enjoy this delicious and quick lunch someday!

With love,