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Hello 2017!


First of all, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year (I figured I'm still allowed). That it might be a good, happy and healthy year, surrounded by all your loved ones and that you may reach some of your dreams and/or goals. 

I have to admit, I decided that I don't do new year's resolutions from this year on. Most of the times I can't keep them and the things I would think of, like losing weight, doing fitness etc., how important are these really? What's more important is to enjoy the things you're doing on a daily basis and be grateful for the little things. 
What I will do is set some goals for this year (and hopefully for the many years that follow). 

  • I don't want to worry as much about things that actually don't matter. 
    I actually feel like I've already made a start in 2016 with this one. Starting yoga really helps me put some things in perspective. And even though I have a yoga-break at the moment, because of the holidays and getting back into the flow, I'm going to start again next week! 
  • Do more stuff (blog and/or work related) that's out of my comfort zone. 
    Happy to say I also made a start with this one already. After my blog 'A letter to myself' I decided I have to stop thinking things like: 'why me if they can work with all these other bloggers', 'my following isn't big enough, so of course they're not going to choose me'. So I e-mailed some people/shops that I really like and I have done some excited things already and I also have some exciting things ahead!
  • Travel more. 
    I'm so looking forward to March, since Gordon and I booked a road-trip! Jeeej! We're going to fly to San Francisco and will be driving to Los Angeles. We will make some stops along the way of course, but we're definitely going to Yosemite and Big Sur before following the coastal-road down South. Also, we've got some other trips in mind, but we still have to plan them. 
  • Buy less (yeah, I've watched the documentary Minimalism, if you haven't watched it yet, you really should. You can watch it on Netflix). 
    About buying less (mostly clothes for me)... This means I have to be more creative with the clothes I already have. Since we were in the Netherlands for Christmas, I brought back some of my clothes I couldn't bring with me when we moved to Canada in the summer. But this is a good thing, I now appreciate those clothes even more and treat them like they're new. So hello old christmas-sweater. I know I will wear that one on repeat, especially with this never ending winter (and thus never ending Christmas-feel) here. 

So what are your goals for 2017 and the years after? I would really love to know.
Also, if you have some tips and tricks on where to stop along the way from SF to LA, please do share them in the comments!


Camel coat from Sess
Christmas sweater from H&M

Culottes from Uniqlo
Scarf from Zara
Bag from A.P.C.