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Valentine's Day X JV Studios


It's February already, time really goes by quickly. I'm kind of glad about that, because this means that the end of winter will be here soon(ish), don't blame me for wishing ;) But February also means that Valentine's Day is around the corner...

Now I'm actually not a very romantic girl. I don't really like all those stuff that most off the girls go crazy for, I didn't have my dream-wedding ready and I think I actually kind of scared Gordon when we first started dating. I remember me telling him (literally) that if he started buying me things for our 1-month, 6-month or 1-year anniversary or if he bought me something for Valentine's Day, I would break up with him...

I promise, I won't be the Valentine's Day Grinch. So especially for you guys I've teamed up with Jasmine from JV Studios, an awesome local boutique here in Ottawa and I've made a list of things that would make very wonderful Valentine's presents (or any other day you'll feel like buying the perfect gift or card). And don't worry, I even thought about you girls getting something for your man ;)

Who doesn't know the washable paper bags yet? They are very simple, but oh so nice for the eye and also very handy. You can use them for almost anything. Storage, plant holder or to for food. UASHMAMA is actually founded by Marco Marconi and has it's origin in Tuscany, Italy. It's made from breeding trees, so it's 100% natural fibres. If it couldn't get any better, the bags are washable! This indeed is a very durable product. 

- Sunday Dry Goods
discovered this brand at JV Studios actually and fell in love immediately. So these blankets/towels can't be missed in anyone's home. They are so handy if you want to have a romantic (or warm) evening on the sofa but you can also take them on your trip to the woods and use it as a picknick blanket or to the beach as a beach-towel. Besides that they're very useful, they also look really pretty. Sunday Dry Goods is based in Vancouver Canada but are hand loomed with premium Turkish cotton. 

- Kara Yoo
Even though JV Studios has a lot of beautiful jewelry, this brand caught my eye. It's very minimalistic with a lot of tiny earrings, but if you look closer you'll see how special they are. I have to admit, I wouldn't ask for a divorce if Gordon would give something of this brand ;) Kara Yoo is crafted in house in Vancouver Canada. Kara started in 2012 when she wanted to create versatile and thoughtfully crafted pieces for woman of all ages, she strives to redefine the everyday classics. And this is indeed working. I could wear her jewelry everyday.

- Wildwood
Bath products are always a good move. You can never have too many of them. And what better way to spend Valentine's Day in bath, together with your love. Wildwood has beautiful products and those are all made with locally gathered organic herbs, flower extracts and pure oils. So every product is 100% natural. Besides that it smells really good, it also looks nice when standing in your bathroom. 

- Stoutheart (for THE man :P)
I find it always hard to buy a gift for a man. 9 out of 10 times they everything already and you end up buying socks, or t-shirts or some other boring things to give. But now with the whole beard-trend, you have another option. Jeej! Stoutheart is one of those options. Their products come in pretty bottles/packaging and was created by husband and wife, Greg and Jennifer, in Ottawa Canada. Their products are all natural and also suitable for men with sensitive skin. This way you can take care of your skin no matter where you are. If Gordon and I were to decide to do some gifts, this would definitely be my go-to brand! 

So, back to JV Studios, Jasmine is a jewelry designer herself and worked so before she opened up JV Studios 3 years ago. Now she sells all kind of products, from jewelry, to cards to bath products and home ware and most of them are from smaller (local) Canadian designers. Her shop has a bit of an European feel, it's pretty small but really cozy with a lot of plants. I really like her store and the products that she sells, so if you're in the neighbourhood, it's really worth a visit. 

What do you think about celebrating Valentine's Day and have you already bought a gift?
Also, if you'll visit JV Studios, let me know what you thought about it! 

JV Studios
1282A Wellington Street West
Ottawa Canada

Opening hours
Tues-Wed: 11-6pm
Thurs-Fri: 11-7pm
Sat: 10-6pm
Sun: 12-5pm