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A big Canadian adventure


Okay, let me start by saying it's such a relief to finally tell you what the big and exciting thing is that I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts!! Also, I'm glad I finally have the time to write this blogpost.
The big and exciting thing is that Gordon and I moved to Ottawa, Canada!! Yes, let that sink in a bit, before I tell you how it all went down... :P


In the beginning of 2015 Gordon and I visited a friend of ours that lives and works in San Francisco and he introduced Gordon to Facebook and set him up on doing some interviews. After a few days of interviews Gordon got offered a job there. So here it actually started. I was immediately excited, as spending some time abroad or even moving abroad was one of my lifelong dreams. But so far, nothing to be excited about, since we had to go trough all the formal stuff, like visa and for this particular visa a random lottery was issued. So after all the months of waiting and keeping it a secret, which was very hard for me because I wanted to make plans and act on it, we heard that we didn't came through the lottery. 

Here we hit a bit of a road-block, because we had our minds set on going on an adventure. But then Gordon came, very randomly, in contact with someone who worked at Shopify, an e-commerce company in Canada. Gordon had some interviews, we even went there last november, you can read about that weekend here. Again he was offered a job. We were very sceptical about obtaining our Canadian work permits, but after another 5 very longgg months, last June we finally heard the good news: we could move to Canada.

Even though we already ended the lease on our apartment in Maastricht (we lived at our parent's for some time), I quit my job at the Provincial Government (I also found a new job as a content manager at that I could do from Canada) and we sold almost all our stuff and furniture, we still had to arrange some stuff. Also, we had to deal with some emotional stuff, as saying goodbye to our friends and family. But July 29th was the day, the day we were standing at the airport, with almost all our belongings in 5 bags (they were big though, I had to pack all my clothes, shoes and bags remember :P) taking this big step of moving to another continent. 

And now, we've been in Ottawa just over a week and the arranging didn't stop. We had to go to the bank, to the government and we are busy apartment-hunting! This I quite like, I love looking inside homes and imagine all the possibilities, and so far so good. We saw quite a few already and we've got one on the radar that we really like. So who knows!

If anyone has tips on anything at all about moving abroad, please let me know!
Of course I will keep you updated on our life here in Canada.