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Apartment-hunting: Accomplished!


So, week 4 it is already... Time really flies. Let me start by saying we found an apartment!! :D I'm sooo happy, because it's a real nice one! It is a ground-floor apartment in a really beautiful house, in a beautiful street with trees and everything and the neighbourhood is also very cool and lively.

I'm so happy that we found this one, because the whole thing was a bit discouraging from time to time. We had so many viewings, one day we even had like 5 or 6 viewings, so we were on a very tight schedule. I don't know why, but there are a lot of not so great apartments out here. Many of them have almost no windows, so you would have no natural light fall. Also there were quite a few basement-apartments, also with almost no natural light. Or the apartments were really dirty or messy. So after 2 weeks of having viewings almost every day, we found this one. Yes, I made a little happy dance... ;) And, we're going to move in Tomorrow!! 

So the last 2 weeks have been really busy weeks, because we had to look for some stuff and buy some furniture. We didn't bring anything with us but clothes and shoes. So this was a bit strange but it's also really nice and a revelation to start from scratch. And I'm really excited, because now I can channel my inner interior-designer :P

Aside from apartment-hunting we also had to arrange some other stuff. Also we started working again and after work we went for walks, did some exploring, we went shopping for furniture and we went out for dinner... A lot!
Oh and also, I made a new friend, double jeeej :D She is really amazing and funny and I'm so happy about it. She complimented me on my outfit (see pictures below) and since then we exchanged numbers and hung out a few times. 

So I can truly say, at this moment, I'm so happy we took on this adventure. I think Ottawa is already growing on me! But I say 'at this moment' very consciously, because winter is coming... We'll talk some more after that :P
But seriously, if anyone has tips on where to go for winter-gear and how to dress for Canadian winters, please let me know! Yes I'm early, but preparation is everything right?