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Enchanting Copenhagen


Finally my wish of visiting Copenhagen came true!! Last month we went to Copenhagen for a week. It was a-ma-zing... No other words needed. I have to admit I was a bit scared on going first, because of my love and loyalty for Berlin, but when I sat foot in this city all was forgotten. I know... I know... Traitor I hear you thinking, but I think a shared first place on my list of favourite cities is well deserved.  

Copenhagen has this hip, trendy and safe vibe going. Everything is clean, everyone is really nice and I felt like I belonged here. I loved every street and every building in it, I was secretly making plans on getting my stuff and just move here ;) This city has so many cool coffee places, hip (interior)shops and restaurants, it is hard to choose on where to go and what to buy. There is so much to see and so much to do, that after this week I still had this feeling of missing out. But I know (it might not always seem like that :P) you can't do EVERYTHING in one week. Still we went to awesome places and although I'm pretty sure there are still many more to see in Copenhagen, I will share with you some of my favorite (food)spots.

The Coffee Collective
Since we love coffee so much and we make a lot of 'coffee-stops' we always search for some nice coffee places and The coffee Collective is definitely one of them. Lucky for us, one of the locations was near our apartment in Frederiksberg and is located in an old and industrial building. This one also holds their roastery and office. I liked that it was spacious and has an industrial and minimal interior. Also, the glass wall on one side of the room was really cool, because you could see the roastery. 

Copenhagen Coffee Lab
This place is easy to walk past, because it's in a sort of basement. Once inside Copenhagen Coffee Lab is actually pretty big with different rooms and it also has this industrial / minimalistic feel. The coffee is pretty strong, just the way my love likes his. I have to admit I'm more a latte kind of girl, but I'm also starting to appreciate a good and strong cup of coffee. 

Møller - Kaffee og Køkken
Ok, let's talk about the best and coolest breakfast place I've ever been so far... Møller - Kaffee og Køkken is truly heaven on earth! I really love, love, love this concept of a tapas-sort-of-breakfast where you can choose different tiny dishes which you can share. Did I already mention that I really loved this concept? For the people who know me well, this is a place after my heart because I have difficulty choosing things. If there is an option on sharing things so I can try everything, I'm one happy girl :P Oh yeah, it also tastes really good, especially the waffle!
The interior is really hip and a little bit of everything, from typical Danish design till vintage cabinets. It's a really cool place to go for breakfast, lunch, brunch and just take your time. 

Mirabelle is a special and beautiful eatery / bakery. It has this well-styled black-and-white interior going with a glass wall in the back. Here you can see the bakers at work, which gives this cosy place a personal touch. They serve organic and handcrafted breads and pastries. We ordered a brunch menu which consists out of the delicious breads with cheese, ham, homemade marmelade and a bowl of vegetables with a poached egg. 

Salon 39
Salon 39 is the place to be when you want to eat simple but delicious food and drink cocktails. It actually is more a cocktailbar than an actual restaurant, the food is really nice but the cocktails are to die for. Seriously, you want to try every cocktail on the menu and that's not the best idea because they have a loooot of them ;)
The interior is classic with a sixties / Mad Men feel. It's cosy and vibrant, the perfect place to hang with friends or with your love! 

This is a more expensive restaurant, to me it it almost felt like a Michelin-star restaurant. Høst is the perfect restaurant when you want to dine with your love or your family. The interior is beautiful, it's simple and minimalistic but at the same time very cosy, rustic and romantic. It also won an award for best-designed restaurant at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. 
For me the food was something totally new, with almost 11 courses. You knew the 'main-starter', the 'main-main-course' and the 'main-dessert', in between you got surprise dishes. It was all very special, fresh and really nice decorated. And they paired it with the most delicious wines. So if you have some money left and are willing to spent it on a wonderful diner, you definitely should try this one (oh yes, you should make a reservation up front, because it's really busy). 

Assistens Kirkegård
This is an actual cemetery, where people still get buried and still mourn. This is also the cemetery where Hans Christian Andersen is buried. But it's also a social place. You can sit in the grass and do some sunbathing, you can even barbeque here. Because the graves are placed randomly and the cemetery is really big, you can easily find a private spot to just relax. 
In the beginning I found it a bit weird to walk on some of the graves, but the atmosphere was really good. 

Frederiksberg Have
Another (totally different) park is Frederiksberg Have. This one is really big, I don't think I've seen the half of it. It seemed like an ideal place to go for a picknick or to just sit or lay in the grass. It has a lot of bridges, waterfalls and you can even look into the elephant cave of the adjacent Zoo. Of course when I was there, there was no elephant to be seen, but still you get the idea right ;)

Hay House
This one is pretty obvious, but if you're in Copenhagen and you're an interior and design lover, like me, this is a must see. The Hay House is situated in a beautiful building on the upper 2 levels. It has the complete collection of Hay and of course the Hay Mini-Market is also well presented. I can't help it, but when I walk around I have to have everything and more importantly I need everything :P But our living-situation is not that ideal at the moment, so I couldn't buy anything, but I will save my cravings for later...

And further, I recommend you just walk around. Our apartment (which was great) was situated in Frederiksberg, so at first we explored this neighbourhood and then went on to adjacent neighbourhoods, like Nørrebro, Vesterbro and then to city center and so on. I have to admit we also took the bus ;) I liked Frederiksberg and Nørrebro the best, because of all the little pastry-shops and clothing boutiques. 
As for going to a museum, I would have loved to go to Louisiana (Museum of Modern Art). But because it's outside Copenhagen and we wanted to see as much from the city as possible, we didn't go. So this is a something I still have on my wish-list for next time I'm in Copenhagen.

If you miss a must-see place, please let me know in the comments (so I can write it down for my next trip to Copenhagen)!