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The embroidered bomberjacket


While I was still whining about the bad weather in my latest blogpost, now we have true Spring weather! Yes, I know it's the Netherlands, but I think we should embrace it while we can! Oh, and just ignore todays rain :P
But the sun coming out meant that I went on an embroidered bomberjacket hunt! 

I notice that I'm saying more often: hey that's something I used to wear when I was little, which probably means I'm really getting old(er). Embroidered clothes are one of them and I must admit, I really love them. So when I saw this bomberjacket, I instantly fell in love. I really love that the primary colour is black (of course) and that the embroidered print consists earthy tones like white, green and some light pink. Besides the colours being subtle, I also like the print itself, some delicate flowers with some tiny birds. Just my cup of tea! 

Because I was so sun-struck I also bought a white jeans, for the first time in my life!, and thought it would make a great combination with the embroidered bomberjacket, a white oversized blouse and my white converse. I have to admit I was a little bit shocked by myself about all the white. Even my love, who is always complaining I'm always dressed dark, looked a bit doubtful.
But after all, and because the white jeans is casual and of thick material, I'm happy with it.

I  even think this might be my favourite outfit / combination for this Spring after all. 
What do you think?

Embroidered bomberjacket & White jeans from Zara
White oversized blouse from H&M
Sneakers from Converse All Stars