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New apartment: interior details


Jeej, it's time for a small update on our apartment and our Canadian adventure! So we're living in our apartment for 1,5 month already, Fall has officially begun and the weather is kind of strange here at the moment (and yes it's coming from me, a Dutch girl, who's accustomed to strange weather). Last week I could walk around with bare legs and now it's kind of cold and rainy (so glad my parents sent me my Hunter boots by mail). I guess Winter is really coming... 

But that's also a good excuse to stay in at night, light up some candles and snuggle up at the sofa with a cup of tea. Since we only purchased the most essential furniture, the apartment felt a bit empty and that's why I decided to create a more homey feeling by adding some plants and (scented) candles to our apartment. Also I'm so happy I brought a few of our interior accessories with us from the Netherlands. Funny how these things can change the mood immediately. 

So here's a sneak peek of my attempt to give our apartment a more cosy feeling and I'll definitely will give you more insight of our furniture in a next blogpost.

Please let me know what you think and do share your thoughts and tips on creating a homey feeling! :D

Scented candle from  Woodlot

Scented candle from Woodlot

Marble candleholders from  Stonedmarble

Marble candleholders from Stonedmarble

Candleholder from  HAY

Candleholder from HAY