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Opening Stijl Men & Stijl Fine Living


Everyone that visits Maastricht often to do some shopping and that likes Scandinavian and Dutch fashion, knows Stijl Maastricht and Stijl Wyck. They have brands like Modström, Hope, By Malene Birger, Dutchess and much more. You can find your whole outfit there, because they also have shoes, bags and accessories. Putting it differently, the woman department is covered. That's why the owners, Chantal and Toine, decided it's time for something new, something that isn't yet represented in Maastricht: a mens store and an interior design department.

So last week, on August 22, Stijl Maastricht opened their 3th store: Stijl Men & Stijl Fine Living by Flinders. I attended the opening as a blogger, my first official event as a blogger;) Around noon there was a VIP lunch, from fish-restaurant "O", we got a first look at the store and we also got a very cool goodie-bag. In the evening the official opening took place with a party afterwards. It was really well organised, there was a lot of delicious food and they had cocktails you could mix yourself.

I must say that my standards were high and I wasn't disappointed. I really like the other two shops as well, I get almost all of my clothes there, but this one is really amazing (and I'm not even male). You couldn't tell from the outside, but the store is really big and spacious. On the ground floor you find everything a man needs: clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. They have brands like: Mads Nørgaard, Stutterheim, Minimum, Won Hundred and a lot more.

On the first floor you find the (interior) design products. For this department they collaborate with Flinders, a big (online) shop with one other physical shop in Zaandam. You can find products from the following 6 big Scandinavian design brands: Hay, Muuto, &tradition, Normann Copenhagen, Firm Living and Frandsen. One part of the first floor present to you the 'bigger products' like tables, chairs, benches, lamps, cushions and rugs while the other part hosts a 'mini-market'. Here you can find notebooks, pens, scissors, candle holders, storage trays and much more. In other words, you really need everything from this 'mini-market', or at least I do :P

I can truly say that Chantal and Toine did a great job opening this store and I really think it's an asset to Maastricht. I also have to admit I went back the next day with my husband and we already bought something. 

So if you're in Maastricht, or planning on visiting Maastricht you definitely need to check out Stijl Men & Stijl Fine Living by Flinders (and the other two stores as-well).  Let me know what you think!