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An industrial sleepover


July started really well for us, as we got to spend a weekend with some of our friends in 's-Hertogenbosch, a city in the Netherlands. A night out and a sleepover was one of the wedding gifts we got. Personally I feel like these kind of gifts where you can spend time together, are one of the best gifts to receive, because when you spend time with people you love you make memories and those last longer then any other present. 

We didn't know anything until we arrived in 's-Hertogenbosch. We were welcomed by a couple of our friends and they escorted us to the hotel we would stay in. Let me tell you, this Boutique Hotel, called The Duke, was really nice and nothing you would expect from the outside. It is situated in a former postoffice and the entrance is in a busy 'restaurant' street and is shared with a gym who also has a place in this building. The Duke has only 17 rooms and opened it's doors in april 2015. 

We took the elevator up and arrived at the reception which was also the breakfast room / kitchen. It has an industrial feeling, with concrete cut out walls, big windows and window frames of black steal, a neat concrete floor with Persian carpets and wooden tables with black chairs. It was everything we liked and we hadn't even seen the room yet. 

After checking in we went up to our room. If you already liked the reception with breakfast room / kitchen, you would definitely love the room. It also has this industrial feeling but it is also very cosy. It has an old fashioned phone and radio (but with an iphone dock) on the nightstands. It has an open bathroom with the same little black tiles they used for the counter and the wall behind it and they used copper taps. It also has an cut out concrete wall with behind it a cosy lounge seat. Normally when we stay in a hotel I have to get used to the room and the bed, but here I slept like a baby. The mattress, pillow and blankets were amazing and I wanted to take them home :P But what I liked best were the lovely scented shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and bodylotion they had. From grapefruit shower gel to pineapple / citrus bodylotion.... Need I say more?
Oh yes, we had a lovely weekend with our lovely friends, thanks again for this amazing present, we could never forget!

Check out the pictures below and please let me know if you know a place like this in a city I definitely need to explore!
Have a lovely evening!

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Dress from MbyM
Shoes from Converse All Stars