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The wedding(dress)


After being together for almost 10 years, and because there are some very exciting changes ahead of us (on which I can't let you in just yet), my boyfriend and I decided to get married on May 13th. 

We both aren't very traditional or religious so we wanted to keep the wedding small. Just go to the Municipality and then afterwards eat out at a nice restaurant with family. But of course that was not going to happen, as in his family marriage is a meaningful event. So we decided to throw a party at my parents place and invite only our dearest friends and our closest family, in total around 100 people :P 

I also didn't want a traditional white wedding dress and my husband didn't want a traditional suit. We both wanted clothes we still could wear after the wedding. I've never had this idea in my head of how my wedding or wedding dress should look like, but the one thing I knew was that I wouldn't wear a white wedding dress. So I bought a black long dress at my favourite fashion boutique in Maastricht, called Stijl Maastricht-Wyck and I wore dark green Marni's. My husband wore a pair of navy blue jeans, a blue blouse with a jeans bow tie and a dark blue jacket. 

But... I wouldn't be a girl if I didn't want to tell you a little bit more about my dress. As said above it was a long black dress from Hope, a Swedish fashion label, with a leather detail on the front. It has a buttoned back, and an overlapping split on the side. From the moment I tried on the dress, I knew this was the one. It was something I don't wear that often, because it is a little bit more tight than I usual wear. But it was also a dress I would wear again on occasions or even dress it down with flat shoes. So the dress was bought in only one hour ;) 

On the 'BIG' day we got married at the Municipality and then we drove to my parents home where the guests arrived and the party started. We also were very lucky with the weather as it was one of the first warm and sunny days. 

It was a really lovely and relaxed day / evening and I must admit, I'm happy that we decided to throw a party and could celebrate this special day with our loved ones.

How did or do you imagine your wedding day to be like?
Please let me know!