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Sun Frantastico


While in my first blogpost I talked about the flight to San Francisco, I now want to tell you a bit more about me being there and show you some pictures.

The first thing in SF that made me really really happy (besides standing with my two feet on solid ground) was the sun that was shining. The world is a much nicer place when it’s sunny. It can’t be too warm for me, as I’m always cold. Yes, that’s coming from a girl living in the Netherlands where on most days it is cold and rainy.

During this trip my boyfriend (now husband, I have to get used to this after saying boyfriend for 10 years) and I stayed at a friend who lives here. This way we could get a hint of what it’s like to actually live in SF. The neighbourhood where we stayed is called the ‘Mission district’, SF’s oldest neighbourhood, and it’s really nice to walk trough. You see different things, from street art to nice Victorian style houses (such as the Painted Ladies) and from plain streets to green parks.

We also saw some touristy things, like the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and we went downtown to see the cable cars on Powell Street.

But one of my favourite spots was the Golden Gate Park. It is just really nice and peaceful. You can walk for hours and still not reach the end of the park. That’s something very unusual for the Netherlands. Also there is the oldest Japanese tea garden of America, which was really pretty. And there is a real Japanese teahouse in the middle.

So basically we walked a lot, ate a lot and drank a lot ;)

For those who have been in SF, what did you really love and liked to do? Please do share your (inside) tips on where to go when I visit this great city again!