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The bachelorette-party


I was really surprised when my mom and best friend woke me up very early with 'a lot' of noise, and said they arranged something for my bachelorette-party. I didn't see it coming, because I don't have one group of girlfriends and because they live across the Netherlands. 

We went to the Efteling, an amusement park based on fairytales. The Efteling is my favourite amusement park in the Netherlands and every summer I want to go at least once. We had a lot of fun riding all the attractions and felt like kids again :P 
Also, i
t was the only sunny day that week, so we were very lucky.

After the Efteling closed we drove back to Limburg and my friends made dinner reservations at a Mexican restaurant in Sittard. This is also the place were my boyfriend and I met 10 years ago :) 

After this long and exhausting but lovely day, I have to say: I have the best friends in the world.  

Now I'm going to make the last preparations for our wedding tomorrow.
Have a lovely day!