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The appeal of Rotterdam


Last weekend I went to Rotterdam for a girls weekend. We stayed at our friend’s place. She just moved to Schiedam a city near Rotterdam. So we decided this was a good opportunity to explore Rotterdam and be surprised about what this city has to offer.  

I haven’t been to Rotterdam that often, because the city didn’t have the same appeal to me as Amsterdam or The Hague. I am really fond of old historical city centers and old buildings and because a large part of the city center of Rotterdam was bombed during WWII, there aren’t a lot of historic buildings anymore. Instead there is a lot of innovative architecture, like Rotterdam Central Station and the Market Hall (in Dutch called the ‘Markthal’).  I really loved the Market Hall, it is such a beautiful place and there is food everywhere, which is always a good sign ;)

Rotterdam Central Station, which opened in March 2014

Rotterdam Central Station, which opened in March 2014

The 'Markthal' opened in October 2014 

The 'Markthal' opened in October 2014 

It was designed by architectural firm MVRDV and the inside of the building is   painted with artwork of Arno Coenen

It was designed by architectural firm MVRDV and the inside of the building is painted with artwork of Arno Coenen

After we visited the Market Hall, we explored the city some more while we walked towards the Witte de Withstraat. We came across little harbours and industrial places.

The Witte de Withstraat has transformed from having a bad reputation (because of shady bars and illegal casino's) to a trendy street with a lot of art galleries. This street is definitely worth visiting, because besides the art galleries it also has a lot of exclusive shops, restaurants and bars. We didn't have time to do some shopping, because most shops were already closing up. So we decided to eat something at Hotel Bazar, which serves dishes from North Africa and the Middle-East. It's interior contains a lot of colourful tables and striking lamps.  

Inside Hotel Bazar 

Inside Hotel Bazar 

After this great weekend, with great friends, I can truly say that Rotterdam is awesome. A raw, industrial but trendy city, which is worth visiting more often. And I have to admit, it has captured a little piece of my heart. 

Of course I didn't see all the hidden and trendy spots Rotterdam has to offer, but I'm planning on going there soon. 
So if anyone has tips on where to go, please don't hesitate to share these with me!

Also, which city captured your heart?