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Fly right in



As I’ve read on a lot of different blogs, the first post is the most difficult. There are a few options you can go for, but I decided to ‘fly’ right in and start with my trip to San Francisco last month.

For me, a trip in general, starts with booking the flight and stressing about it.
I have a fear of flying, but I refuse to let the fear take over. Because I think that if you want to see the world you have to take planes, as it is the easiest way to travel.

On this trip I had to fly alone to San Francisco, back to the Netherlands I would fly together with my boyfriend. So this meant a little bit more stress than usual.

The days (think weeks) before I went, I had all these scripts in my mind about what could happen and then I would reason with myself that flying is the safest way to travel, because have you seen all the car and bus accidents these days?

I decided that I needed a back-up plan and had to come up with a few options on how to survive the flight.
One option was to buy some sort of sleeping pills, another was to have a couple of drinks on the plane and the last one was to become friends with the person next to me, as he or she had to save me when something happened. But after thinking about these options I decided to just see how it goes and try not to stress so much.

In the end the flight turned out well. I sat next to a girl who was really nice and we chatted and shared our plane food. For her it was also the first time to fly alone, so we had to be strong for each other.

Even though the flight (also the flight back to the Netherlands) turned out well, I don’t think I wouldn’t stress anymore about taking the plane.

If anyone could give me some tips on how to prepare for my next flights, these would be really appreciated. And also, don’t hesitate to share your experiences! 

View from the plane

View from the plane