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The camel coat


With Fall there also comes the need to alter my closet, to make it Fall and Winter proof.  And what better way than to go for a classic, the camel coat. 

I have been searching for the right one for a couple of years now. Because I have brown hair you might think every colour tone of camel will look nice, but unfortunately this is not true. I'm very pale, so it's not that easy to find the right colour without looking like a walking corpse. 
Also because I'm not that tall I can't wear a very long coat that's also very wide and puffy, because then it will look like I'm having a nice night at home in my bathrobe.
So as you can read, it's no wonder it took me several years to find the ONE. But I did, jeeej! 

Of course I found it at one of my favourite stores in Maastricht, Stijl Maastricht and it's from Sessùn
Sessùn is a Parisian womanswear brand founded by Emma François, which resulted out of inspirational trips she took. Influenced by different cultures, art and music she designs distinctive and feminine, a lot of dresses, blouses and skirts with (flower)prints, but also timeless clothes. 

What I love about this coat is that it's very minimalistic, but that it's also an eye-catcher with the one buttoned front and the way it moves when you walk. I also love that the coat falls over my knee, so I can wear long cardigans underneath (I think I have quite the collection of long cardigans) and that it's a bit wider around the waist, but that the cut of the sleeves are slim. 

On the day this outfit shoot took place, I also had an appointment at Flinders, an interior design store (more about this in the next post, so stay tuned), and decided to dress for the occasion. I wore a grey/blackish A-line dress with a white sleeveless blouse underneath and styled it with black pantyhose and my new edgy ankle-boots.

So, what do you think of this outfit?
And what is your opinion of the camel coat?

Camel coat from Sessùn
White blouse from Moves by Minimum
Dress from Minimum
Bucket bag from Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Shoes from Zara

Lipstick from M-A-C Cosmetics (Matte, Ruby Woo)