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Hello 2017!


First of all, I want to wish everyone a very happy new year (I figured I'm still allowed). That it might be a good, happy and healthy year, surrounded by all your loved ones and that you may reach some of your dreams and/or goals. 

I have to admit, I decided that I don't do new year's resolutions from this year on. Most of the times I can't keep them and the things I would think of, like losing weight, doing fitness etc., how important are these really? What's more important is to enjoy the things you're doing on a daily basis and be grateful for the little things. 
What I will do is set some goals for this year (and hopefully for the many years that follow). 

  • I don't want to worry as much about things that actually don't matter. 
    I actually feel like I've already made a start in 2016 with this one. Starting yoga really helps me put some things in perspective. And even though I have a yoga-break at the moment, because of the holidays and getting back into the flow, I'm going to start again next week! 
  • Do more stuff (blog and/or work related) that's out of my comfort zone. 
    Happy to say I also made a start with this one already. After my blog 'A letter to myself' I decided I have to stop thinking things like: 'why me if they can work with all these other bloggers', 'my following isn't big enough, so of course they're not going to choose me'. So I e-mailed some people/shops that I really like and I have done some excited things already and I also have some exciting things ahead!
  • Travel more. 
    I'm so looking forward to March, since Gordon and I booked a road-trip! Jeeej! We're going to fly to San Francisco and will be driving to Los Angeles. We will make some stops along the way of course, but we're definitely going to Yosemite and Big Sur before following the coastal-road down South. Also, we've got some other trips in mind, but we still have to plan them. 
  • Buy less (yeah, I've watched the documentary Minimalism, if you haven't watched it yet, you really should. You can watch it on Netflix). 
    About buying less (mostly clothes for me)... This means I have to be more creative with the clothes I already have. Since we were in the Netherlands for Christmas, I brought back some of my clothes I couldn't bring with me when we moved to Canada in the summer. But this is a good thing, I now appreciate those clothes even more and treat them like they're new. So hello old christmas-sweater. I know I will wear that one on repeat, especially with this never ending winter (and thus never ending Christmas-feel) here. 

So what are your goals for 2017 and the years after? I would really love to know.
Also, if you have some tips and tricks on where to stop along the way from SF to LA, please do share them in the comments!


Camel coat from Sess
Christmas sweater from H&M

Culottes from Uniqlo
Scarf from Zara
Bag from A.P.C. 

A letter to myself


When I was younger I had this image in my head of what I would be doing after university, what kind of job and what kind of life I would have. But as most of these things, nothing goes exactly the way you plannend. And now I'm here... I'm 28 years old, I married the love of my life and we moved to Canada because Gordon got an awesome job at an awesome company and I thought this was going to be my fresh start. The start of me doing great things as well. But I'm still struggling with the same feelings and thoughts I had back in the Netherlands. And while this blogpost isn't necessarily an actual letter to myself, it's more of a reminder to myself (and also to all the other lovely people out there who can relate to it) to stop waiting, stop thinking, just start doing. Oh and also, while doing don't compare yourself to others!

Actually the thing I struggle with the most is work. I always thought (and still do in a certain way) that I would have a job in which I could truly make a difference for people. Really help others out. Or doing something I truly love. But with the move to Canada I'm kind of worried about that. Don't get me wrong, I have a job, I love what I'm doing and I work with really nice people. But still, working remotely is getting pretty hard for me. I really want to get some shit done, so I tend to stay at home in my pyjama's all day, not even taking a real break. Also, the not talking all day (in real life) to people and not seeing other people is getting hard for me. So I decided to do something about that. Allow myself to have a real break and going out of the house more. My first step was starting to go to yoga-classes and doing that during the day, gives me the break I need. 

That's the other thing: sports. I have to admit I'm not the sporty type, I've never been. I start something and after 2 or 3 times I come up with excuses and end up not going anymore. But with yoga it felt like it would be something I would really love. After years of thinking about going, 1,5 month ago I actually did it. And guess what, I go 3-4 times a week now. I feel really good about it. I know it's not bootcamp or crossfit training, but for me it's the right thing. And I know I can force myself to do something and like something, just because other people do it, but that doesn't work for me. I have to do something that I truly love, otherwise it won't stick. 

But the last couple of days I was feeling not quite well. A bit down I guess and I started to overthink everything again and focussing on the negative things. Also, to be really honest I'm not that good at admitting I'm responsible for these thoughts and things, so now is the time to change. If I keep whining and taking some disappointments really hard, that won't bring me any further. So that is also the reason I wanted to write this personal blogpost, to make sure this is the start of me taking some action. Being more active with my blog, since this is something I really love. Start doing, without comparing myself to others. Because why wouldn't I be good enough to do the things that I really love to do? I love putting an outfit together, I love to do some interior styling and taking photos of it. So why not get out more, talk to people and and maybe even working together?

So this time I decided to step out of my comfort zone and instead of complaining about the things I would rather have/see/do, I have to start doing! 

Who's with me?
Also, if you have tips on how to pursue this, please enlighten me, because I'm sure I'm still not always know what to do. 

New apartment: interior details


Jeej, it's time for a small update on our apartment and our Canadian adventure! So we're living in our apartment for 1,5 month already, Fall has officially begun and the weather is kind of strange here at the moment (and yes it's coming from me, a Dutch girl, who's accustomed to strange weather). Last week I could walk around with bare legs and now it's kind of cold and rainy (so glad my parents sent me my Hunter boots by mail). I guess Winter is really coming... 

But that's also a good excuse to stay in at night, light up some candles and snuggle up at the sofa with a cup of tea. Since we only purchased the most essential furniture, the apartment felt a bit empty and that's why I decided to create a more homey feeling by adding some plants and (scented) candles to our apartment. Also I'm so happy I brought a few of our interior accessories with us from the Netherlands. Funny how these things can change the mood immediately. 

So here's a sneak peek of my attempt to give our apartment a more cosy feeling and I'll definitely will give you more insight of our furniture in a next blogpost.

Please let me know what you think and do share your thoughts and tips on creating a homey feeling! :D

Scented candle from  Woodlot

Scented candle from Woodlot

Marble candleholders from  Stonedmarble

Marble candleholders from Stonedmarble

Candleholder from  HAY

Candleholder from HAY