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The embroidered bomberjacket


While I was still whining about the bad weather in my latest blogpost, now we have true Spring weather! Yes, I know it's the Netherlands, but I think we should embrace it while we can! Oh, and just ignore todays rain :P
But the sun coming out meant that I went on an embroidered bomberjacket hunt! 

I notice that I'm saying more often: hey that's something I used to wear when I was little, which probably means I'm really getting old(er). Embroidered clothes are one of them and I must admit, I really love them. So when I saw this bomberjacket, I instantly fell in love. I really love that the primary colour is black (of course) and that the embroidered print consists earthy tones like white, green and some light pink. Besides the colours being subtle, I also like the print itself, some delicate flowers with some tiny birds. Just my cup of tea! 

Because I was so sun-struck I also bought a white jeans, for the first time in my life!, and thought it would make a great combination with the embroidered bomberjacket, a white oversized blouse and my white converse. I have to admit I was a little bit shocked by myself about all the white. Even my love, who is always complaining I'm always dressed dark, looked a bit doubtful.
But after all, and because the white jeans is casual and of thick material, I'm happy with it.

I  even think this might be my favourite outfit / combination for this Spring after all. 
What do you think?

Embroidered bomberjacket & White jeans from Zara
White oversized blouse from H&M
Sneakers from Converse All Stars

3x why I love big knits


Winter... not my favourite time of the year, but fashion-wise it actually might come close. Because I'm almost always cold, I'm pretty good at the layering-thing and this means a lot of big knits. So I must say, I absolutely love big knits and I cannot lie ;)

Therefore 3 reasons why I love big knits.

1. Big knits warm me up. 
On the coldest of days, when I'm wearing a wool sweater with for example a blouse underneath it, even I will break out in sweat. Let me tell you that's a good thing for me, because normally I would've turned blue :P

2. Big knits are really comfortable.
Most of the big knits I own, are baggy. So they hide everything, even my (non)christmas-kilo's. Also because they're made of soft material they're easy and nice to wear (I know you also have those prickly kind of knits, but mostly I don't buy these kind of knits or when I do, I only wear them with something underneath it, so that makes it comfortable again). So actually, big knits make me comfortable.

3. Big knits can be worn on every occasion. 
Obviously you can dress yourself down by wearing your big knit more casual, with a ripped or 'worn' jeans, some boots and a leather jacket (like I did in this outfit). But also, you can dress up and even wear it to a (not so hot) party. For example with a white blouse, a black or dark blue pants or if it's a longer knit with tights and pumps or ankle boots. 

I found the one I'm wearing at Cos and it was on sale, lucky me! I immediately loved it, because of the color. A light grey fits perfectly with my black-fever, but it's also really nice with blue / jeans, white, camel and other shades of grey. I also like that it's baggy and that it's longer. This way I can wear it both ways: as a dress and as a sweater (like I did for this shoot).  
I decided to wear a jeans blouse underneath it and styled it with my ripped jeans, my favourite ankle boots and a leather jacket, since it actually wasn't that cold this day... 
I'm so happy with this purchase that I'm wearing it almost every day. But don't worry, I'm not sleeping in it...yet :P

What do you think of wearing big knits? 

Knitted sweater from Cos

Jeans blouse from Scotch & Soda - Maison Scotch
Ripped jeans from H&M

Ankle boots from Zara
Leather jacket from Selected Femme

Scarf from H&M
Vintage bag from Francesco Biasia

In a midi-dress on Fuerteventura


We're almost celebrating the end of 2015 and are welcoming 2016. 
While I was scrolling through my 'travel pictures' from this year I came across this shoot I did last summer on Fuerteventura. I totally forgot about it, but I think now is the right time to take a look at this summer-outfit. 

Because I'm not that tall (understatement I know, but let's not ruin 2015 on the second last day :P), I find it hard to find the perfect midi-dress. Midi-dresses in the stores are mostly a maxi-dress for me. So when I found this one I was really happy and didn't hesitate in buying it. Because of it's colour, dark blueish with a little bit of white and the short sleeves I knew I would wear it a lot. 

It's perfect for a summer day like the day in the pictures. I styled it that day with my white converse and added a blue bag. A jeans jacket was laying in the car, waiting for the cooler night to come.

But it's also perfect for a colder day. I wore it a lot already with a big knitted cardigan, tights and some ankle boots. And... if this isn't enough, you can even wear it for a night out. You can dress it up with heels, a clutch and a leather jacket ;)

What do you think of this outfit?

Oh and what are you guys up to tomorrow evening?
Happy new year lovelys and see you in 2016!
I can't wait to let you in on the cool things that are about to happen next year!

Dress from Zara
Bag from French Connection
Sunglasses from Zara
Sneakers from Converse All Stars