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From day look to evening look


I remember when I was a teenager, I'd spent so many hours deciding on what to wear and on getting ready. All the clothes in the world weren't enough. Even though I still spent time on styling and putting a nice outfit together, I also didn't want it to take over. I mean, it's not the most important thing in life right?! 

So nowadays with clothes, I like good quality, minimalistic and timeless pieces. I think about in how many different ways I can style the piece, so I can wear it often in different ways. That's why I decided to take one of my favorite go-to dresses for summer, and just style it in two different ways. A more casual look for during the day and a more dressed up evening look. This dress is just perfect, it's pretty loose, it has the perfect length and (obviously) you can wear it in a lot of different ways. 

I decided to wear the black long dress with a simple white tee and for the day look I paired it with my black converse (I just can't get enough of these old school sneakers), my denim jacket and my waist-bag (sooo convenient). It's just a casual look that you can wear to a lot of things. I wore this while exploring Venice - LA. 
For the evening look, I just switched the shoes and the jacket and wore the bag differently. I styled it with my blue embroidered ankle boots and my leather jacket. I find a leather jacket gives the outfit a bit of a cool vibe, but because of the fit it also gives it a more dressed up feeling. This was the perfect evening look to have a quick stroll at Santa Monica Boulevard and then go for dinner. It was a great day (besides alle the traffic jams)! 

Which look do you like the best?

With love,

Long black dress from Aritzia
White tee from Stig P

Denim Jacket from H&M
Sneakers from Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
Waist-bag from WarewarE
Blue embroidered ankle boots from Zara
Leather jacket from Modström

Dare to be bold!


So glad it's getting warmer here in Canada. For me warmer weather also means to be more daring and creative with my outfits. Or at least, I'm trying to be. As you probably know I love wearing black and also I'm not a big fan of wearing clothes that are too showing. Well, hello there grandma :P So with this outfit I decided to put on my brave face and shove my self consciousness aside...

Actually when I saw this top I immediately fell in love with the print, the tones and the cut. I really love the flower power vibe and the zipper in the back. So I didn't hesitate when buying it. But when I tried it on at home for certain other occasions, I didn't feel comfortable in it. I felt like the top showed too much of a cleavage, like I wasn't skinny enough to wear a crop top like this and other people would feel that way too when they would see me. So in the end every time I tried it on, I chose to wear something else, something familiar and not so daring (for me). My self consciousness and me trying to be bolder was biting me in the ass. So this time I decided not to get changed, even though I still didn't feel comfortable, at all. I just needed to suck it up, because I really love the top and that's what matters right?!

I styled the top with my dark green trousers, plateau sandal and of course my beloved half moon bag and golden watch. I bought the trousers during my last visit to the Netherlands, at NOW, one of my favorite shops in Maastricht. If you're ever visiting, definitely a must-go-to-shop! I'm really happy with those trousers, since it has the perfect fit and you can style them in a lot of different ways. I've worn them with sneakers, heels and now with more edgy platform sandals. Also I'm a big fan of delicate chokers and I think this one is a great and elegant addition to the whole look. 

I think it's the perfect look to stroll around in the city, but you can also wear it into the night. And I have to admit, even though I was glad to be home and able change into my pj's, I was very pleased with myself for not giving into my insecurities. In the end, life happens when you step out of your comfort zone. 

So my new motto is: dare to be bold(er)! Not only in fashion, but also in my day to day life.
Do you ever experience something similar? Let me know in the comments!

With love,

Top from Zara
Trousers from FRNCH 

Platfrom Sandals from Selected Femme
Half Moon Bag from A.P.C.

Choker from ALDO
Watch from Skagen

Dot it up!


To be honest, I'm so done with the winter weather. I know, it hasn't been too bad since we haven't had temperatures below -25 for days in a row and we didn't have major snowstorms or frostbite-alerts, but still... For me it can't become Spring soon enough. I also find it hard to be creative with my outfits and really hard do some nice outfit-shoots (no, I'm not taking my coat off when it's -10). So when the temperatures went up and the sun showed her face, it was time for a new outfit-post! 

When I saw these polkadot-tights I loved them right away and I knew my next blogpost was going to be a look with those tights. I know the fishnet-tights are trending right now, don't get me wrong I do love the fishnet-tights as well (post about my outfit with fishnet-tights is coming), but I find those polkadots a bit more wearable. Also, because I get all these flashbacks to my teenage self while wearing fishnet-tights... Yes, I'm that old, I see trends that I've worn before, returning :P

So these polkadots-tights, I think they spice up your outfit, while still being basic enough to combine with everything. This time I combined them with a light blue shirtdress, a longer black and blue with glittery gold jacket and my good old edgy ankle boots. This jacket is (just as the ankle boots) an oldie, but a goodie. I bought it a couple of years ago while it was 50% off, jeej! I wore it to a lot of occasions, over a dress, on a jeans and even as an outer jacket in the Summer (yes that's possible with Dutch Summers :P). The shirtdress I bought a couple of months ago and is just a classic. I think you can't go wrong with having one of those in you closet.

I've kept this look very simple, but I think this is a look that you can wear to work, to date night, to a restaurant or even to a party in the evening. 
What do you think and how would you wear the polkadot-tights? 

Polkadot-tights from Simons (shop here
Shirtdress from Twik at Simons (shop here)

Shoes from Zara (shop similar here)
Bucket bag from Lauren by Ralph Lauren (shop similar here)

Jacket from Modström